ThermalWatch™ technology can be used to monitor and control temperatures in many manufacturing processes. When infrared imaging technology is integrated with MoldWatcher™, injection molding and die casting presses can be monitored for changes in temperature of the mold or die.

Temperature change during production allow detection of issues otherwise immeasurable by the human eye. In addition to taking corrective action, engineers can utilize temperature monitoring to enhance their production.

When infrared technology is integrated with QualityStation™, a broader range of applications requiring process temperature monitoring can be controlled. With QualityStation™, almost any process can be monitored and if temperatures vary outside the set control limits a digital signal can be sent to notify manufacturing personnel that the process is out of control.

Temperature changes:

Process improvements:

  • Blocked water flow
  • Hot or cold spots in the mold
  • Heat imbalance of nozzle tips
  • Scale build up in cooling channels
  • Many other issues
  • Optimize cycle time
  • Thermal mapping of processes
  • Part to part profile analysis
  • Large part surface warpage
  • Complex valve gate tool analysis
  • Verification of cavity temperature consistency


The key  difference that ThermalWatch™ brings to manufacturing is the consistent feedback and control of the process with thermal images, digital signals, and alarms that automatically activate when a control parameter is out of set limits. ThermalWatch™ when integrated in either MoldWatcher™ or QualityStation™ comes with a complete solution of infrared camera, vision controller, I/O device and easy to navigate touch screen interfaces. This means that ThermalWatch™ can be quickly implemented into your manufacturing process.

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