Avalon Vision Solutions Products

Avalon Vision Solutions mold vision systems offer advanced technology to eliminate unscheduled downtown, tooling damage, and missed deliveries. From our flagship MoldWatcher™ to our high end QualityStation™ you can feel assured that your mold and product are inspected with easy to use systems that will fit your application needs. 

The Industries Only Complete Vision Solution


With MoldWatcher™, no more stuck parts, mis-located inserts, broken cores, short shots/non-fills or mechanical problems. MoldWatcher™ can be installed on horizontal and vertical shuttle or rotary injection molding machines and die-casting machines. It also works on Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Processes.

NightHawk™ 2

Our harsh environment NightHawk 2 cameras include sealed, forced air cooled cameras that allow the MoldWatcher™ system to be used in high temperature applications like die-casting & metal injection molding.

Reliable Custom Part Inspection


QualityStation™ is a general purpose vision system with a vast array of high-end inspection tools. Event driven, with the adaptability to incorporate multiple cameras, makes QualityStation™ the preferred vision system for most any inspection application. Whether integrated with existing material handling and control equipment for in-process inspections, or used manually for statistical sampling, QualityStation™ will streamline the manufacturing process.

QS Examiner™

QS Examiner™ inspects parts for the smallest of defects. Parts that are less than 3 inches on a side can be fed through a feeding system into a separator mechanism at a rate of between 1 and 4 parts per second. Up to 4 high-resolution cameras capture images to provide inspection of the parts from different angles. The system will automatically sort the parts into “Good” and “Bad” locations.

QS Inspector™

RELIABLE QUALITY CONTROL QS Inspector™ inspects parts for the smallest of defects and is ideal for low speed/low volume production runs or applications where only a sampling of parts needs to be inspected. Parts up to 6 inches square can be placed in a fixture or nest and inspected by one or more cameras.

Advanced Process Documentation


Avalon’s ProcessRx™ process documentation module with image database, event logging and statistical reports is the most advanced and easy to use process documentation system available. The Internet Explorer web browser permits remote access using the LAN, however most problems are exposed when the user can see an actual image of the inspection. ProcessRx™ can be configured to save all the Failed images, all of the Passed images, or both. ProcessRx™ is integrated into our MoldWatcher™ and QualityStation™ products.