About Avalon Vision Solutions

Since 1991, Avalon has implemented more than 3,500 machine vision solutions throughout the World of manufacturing. The product lines are available to be used by operators in 14 languages and are globally serviced with Avalon’s distributors in the various regions.

Avalon Vision Solutions serves the injection molding and die cast industries with a unique range of application specific machine vision products. These solutions allow end users to be more profitable by keeping production efficiencies high and not allowing bad parts (only zero defects) or assemblies to be shipped to customers.


In Service Since 1991

MoldWatcher provides mold protection which eliminates tooling damage and verifies the quality of molded parts on virtually all makes and models of injection and die cast molding machines.

The QualityStation product line performs inspection and process verification of finished parts and assemblies.  It is implemented using 3 levels of sophistication from the very simple machine vision systems to very high-volume automated material handling solutions.

These feature rich product solutions utilize User Friendly, Menu Driven interfaces with Touch Screen controls and intuitive setup processes for manufacturing companies.  This accessibility for use by operators at all levels has allowed Avalon to remain a leader in technological advances in streamlining customers processes.

Feature Rich Products

The Avalon Vision team is passionate about bringing simple, cost-effective solutions directly to the plant floor. Avalon’s unwavering commitment to ease of use is evident throughout the entire organization. Ease of use and customer service is our priority.

Unwavering Commitment

We are looking forward to providing a solution to your vision needs