Plastec West is only one month away and we are busy preparing for a successful exhibit! Trade show season can be hectic, but don’t worry – we have five tips to help you get the most from attending Plastec West 2018.

1. Do your research.

Before you attend the show, take some time to research. This includes all information on the show itself – maps, schedules, conferences, etc. – and find any booths that fit the specific need you have for your industry. Knowing who you want to see and where they will be before going to the show will help you save time and will make your time at the show more productive. You can also use this knowledge to research further into the companies whose booth you plan to visit and will allow you to connect prior to the show. You can find a map for Plastec West here.

2. Make a plan.

With thousands of companies exhibiting, it is easy to get lost in the excitement. Before you get to the show, pull out your map, gather your research, and make a plan for the day. Prioritize the top ten companies you want to speak with and see the others as time permits. Knowing who is most important for you to see and where they are will allow you to spend more time learning about the product the company offers, you will be able to ask more questions and get more answers because you have time, and you won’t be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

3. Wear comfortable shoes.

Plastec West encompasses an entire floor of the Anaheim Convention Center – it’s huge. It has 5 halls (A-E) and 5 shows in one. That is a lot of walking. Wearing comfortable shoes is key to surviving the day and ensuring you have the energy to meet with all the exhibitors.

4. Take notes.

You will be meeting many people – some are going to be beneficial to you and some may not be providing a service you currently need. Use your phone and take notes. Business cards aren’t popular for trade shows anymore so take a picture of their badge and write a note to yourself. Make sure you have their name and pertinent contact information. Side notes, such as discussion topics, can be useful when getting back to the office.

5. Most importantly – come visit Avalon Vision Solutions at Booth #3843.

Learn more about our products, get a demo of MoldWatcher™ with ProcessRx™, and learn about the newest function in our software. If you would like to contact us prior to the show click here.


Please note: This article was created by the marketing team at Avalon Vision Solutions, llc. The views and remarks within this article are in no way affiliated with Plastec West. 

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