As it is with any large trade show it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Plastec West – combined with the other segments within the Advanced Manufacturing Expo – will have well over 2,000 exhibitors and over 20,000 attendees; that is a lot to navigate. Here are three tips to help you set up a successful marketing strategy for Plastec West and beyond.

1. Build a mailing list with past leads and potential new leads.

Be specific. This list should be segmented from your usual list and only target the companies and people you believe will attend based on analytical information you should have gathered such as region and specific company roles.

2. Use those leads to send an email blast.

Don’t spam these people, but do let them know you will be attending. Let them know what to expect. Are you introducing a new product? That would be great information. Be sure to allow them to contact you in advance and schedule appointments if you deem necessary. If you use a company with analytics – use this to see who opened your email (this shows interest) and if anyone clicked in. These people you will want to do research on because they are more likely to visit you since they know you will be there.

3. Plan ahead and utilize your team.

Many companies plan trade shows up to a year in advance. Make sure that the trade show is one of the most important factors leading up to it. Be sure it is discussed at least once a week and more often when it gets closer to the trade show date. Grab your sales team and get their input too. Find out how they like to manage the trade show and how they plan to display and tailor your marketing efforts to this. It’s important to know if they will be giving demos or if they need promotional materials. Use them as your secret weapon.

Do you have any tips for marketing at Plastec West? Comment below.

Please note: This article was created by the marketing team at Avalon Vision Solutions, llc. The views and remarks within this article are in no way affiliated with Plastec West. 

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