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Offers a simple User Interface, delivers a rapid ROI, ensures customer satisfaction, eliminates lighting issues and protects expensive tooling.

featuring our patented Near Infrared lighting


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Avalon Vision Solutions products are sold world wide through our expert distributors, and our User Interface is available in 14 languages and counting.



With MoldWatcher™, no more stuck parts, mis-located inserts, broken cores, short shots/non-fills or mechanical problems.


Avalon's ProcessRx™ process documentation module with image database is the most advanced and easy to use process documentation system available.


QualityStation™ works right [every time] by providing powerful machine vision measurement and inspection tools for a vast array of applications.

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ThermalWatch™ - Avalon's Newest Innovation

Bring consistent feedback and control of the manufacturing process with thermal images, digital signals, and alarms that automatically activate when a control parameter is out of set limits.

Why Avalon?

Ease of Use

It is important that operators have the ability to operate mold protection vision systems without the assistance of an engineer or maintenance technician. Not only does it reduce the amount of internal support needed but issues can be resolved quickly. MoldWatcher™ utilizes touchscreen interfaces with easy menu driven settings and adjustments and is by far the easiest system of its type to use.

Save money & keep customers

When molds are damaged and are taken out of production for repair several detrimental issues develop. Shipment deadlines are missed, revenues are down, and customers are not happy. When bad parts are sent to customers more problems develop. MoldWatcher™ prevents small issues from developing into big problems.

Patented Technology

Avalon has been awarded multiple patents which apply to the machine vision solutions in the injection molding industry. The most useful patent is the use of Near Infrared lighting and image acquisition. This method prevents environmental lighting from affecting the image analysis which virtually eliminates false alarms.

A Complete Vision Solution

Avalon prides itself in providing a complete vision solution with MoldWatcher™. You do not need an integrator. We supply all hardware and software in one application specific package. After we install and train personnel on the first system into a facility the End User can easily install future MoldWatcher™ systems themselves. Initial installations with training typically take 2-3 days.

Save money & keep customers