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Our mission at Avalon Vision Solutions is to provide a unique range of application specific machine vision products to the injection molding industries. These solutions allow end users to be more profitable...

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We offer the industries only turnkey solution. No integrator needed.

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For over 25 years Avalon has tailored our solutions specifically to the injection molding industries.

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Avalon’s patented MoldWatcher™ system featuring our patented Near-IR lighting  will alert operators and stop the press before any hazardous force can be put on the mold using non-contact vision technology.


Whether integrated with existing material handling and control equipment for in-process inspections, or used manually for statistical sampling, our high-end QualityStation™ will streamline the manufacturing process.

NightHawk™ 2

Our harsh environment NightHawk II cameras include sealed, forced air cooled cameras that allow the MoldWatcher system to be used in high temperature applications like die- casting & metal injection molding.


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